Zhong can refer to

  • Zhong (surname)
  • Zhong County, a county of Chongqing, China
  • Zhongjian River, a river in Hubei, China
  • Bianzhong, a Chinese musical instrument similar to a bell
  • Cha zhong, a 3-piece tea brewing vessel, also known as a gaiwan.

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Lu Zhi (Tang Dynasty) - Exile
... case, to be the secretary general of Zhong Prefecture (忠州, in modern Chongqing) ... previously demoted, Li Jifu — who was the prefect of Zhong Prefecture ... However, when Lu arrived in Zhong Prefecture, Li Jifu honored him as if he were still a chancellor, and while Lu initially feared that reprisals would come later, they eventually became close friends ...
Deng Zhong (Fengshen Bang)
... Deng Zhong (Chinese 邓忠 Pinyin Dèng Zhōng) is a character in Fengshen Yanyi ... Western Foothills campaign of the Grand Old Master Wen Zhong, these four would become an assisting sword of the Shang Dynasty ...