YSP may refer to:

  • Yemeni Socialist Party
  • Yield spread premium – a cash rebate paid by a lender to a mortgage broker if the broker sells a mortgage at an above-Par interest rate to a borrower.
  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park
  • Young Scholars Program:
    • FSU Young Scholars Program, a residential science and mathematics program in Florida
    • Davidson Young Scholars program, a program to assist profoundly intelligent young scholars.
    • Rutgers Young Scholars Program in Discrete Mathematics, a residential mathematics program in New Jersey
    • Rhodes College Young Scholars Program in Biology, a 4-week non-residential summer biology program at Rhodes College
  • Marathon Aerodrome, the IATA code for this airport northeast of Marathon, Ontario, Canada is YSP
  • The Young Shakespeare Players, a Madison, Wisconsin Shakespeare company for children

Other articles related to "ysp":

Yield Spread Premium - No Closing Cost Loans Explained
... YSP can also be used by a mortgage broker to offer "No Closing Cost" loans ... amount to $5,000, the broker could increase the interest rate that pays the broker a YSP of say 1% and the broker could then credit the borrower $5,000 of the $8000 ... The broker would still earn a $3,000 -paid by the YSP ...
Yemeni Socialist Party - Current Situation
... The main strands constituting the composite ideology of the YSP are pan-Arab nationalism, Marxism, and social democratic trends ... Since its inception the YSP has evolved through 7 distinct stages ... Currently, the YSP along with other parties in the opposition coalition, including Islah Party (Muslim Brotherhood/tribal/Salafist) are waging a peaceful struggle for free and fair elections, peaceful ...
Arab Nationalist Movement - Yemen
... the National Liberation Front which would later become the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP), the leading political party in the Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen ... Party of Yemen (which would eventually merge into the YSP) ... the reuniting of the two Yemens in 1990, the YSP became the major opposition party in the Republic of Yemen ...
Young Shakespeare Players
... DiPrima in 1980, The Young Shakespeare Players (YSP) in its early years produced a single, annual backyard summer production involving about 20 actors ... A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, YSP currently produces four of five full-length Shakespeare plays per year two Shaw plays two workshops with complete scenes from Shakespeare’s plays ... Starting in 2010, YSP introduced the Veteran's Challenge Program, in which veterans of the theater perform a full length Shakespeare (a veteran of the theater entails ...