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List Of Charmed Characters - Alphabetical Character Biographical Listings - Children of The Charmed Ones - Children of Phoebe Halliwell and Coop
... In the finale, she is seen with her younger sister being babysat by Billie while Phoebe is in labor with her youngest sister ... In the finale, she is seen with her older sister P.J ... who is being babysat by Billie while Phoebe is in labor with her younger sister ...
A Town Where You Live - Characters - Supporting Characters
... in chapter 221, she and Akari become sisters-in-law ... After finding about Yuzuki's sister Rin, he decided to give up on Yuzuki, but instead pursued her sister ... He is the captain of the baseball club and forced his younger sister to became its manager ...
List Of Heirs To The English Throne - 1485 To 1603
... eldest son 20 September 1486 born 2 April 1502 died none 1486-1489 Margaret Tudor 1489-1491, younger sister Henry, Duke of York 1491-1502, younger brother Henry, Prince of Wales ... Catherine, Lady Herbert of Cardiff Heiress presumptive (disputed) younger sister 6 July 1553 sister proclaimed queen 19 July 1553 sister deposed Mary ... The last two documents placed the English descendants of his younger sister Mary ahead of the Scottish descendants of his elder sister Margaret ...
List Of Grey's Anatomy Characters - Supporting Characters - Family Members
... Molly Grey-Thompson (Mandy Siegfried) Daughter of Thatcher and Susan Grey, and Lexie's younger sister and Meredith's half-sister ... Cared for Derek and his sisters after her husband was murdered ... Kathleen Shepherd One of Derek's sisters ...
List Of Fushigi Yûgi Characters - Supporting Characters - Keisuke Yūki
... He is a college student who still lives with his mother, younger sister, and stepfather ... only person who seems to appreciate and recognizes his efforts is his younger sister ... He cares deeply for his younger sister and has been especially protective of her since their father left ...

Famous quotes containing the words younger sister, sister and/or younger:

    Younger sisters are almost different beings from elder ones, but thank God it is quite and unaffectedly without repining or envy that I see my elder sister gad about and visit, etc.—when I rest at home.
    Frances Burney (1752–1840)

    England! awake! awake! awake!
    Jerusalem thy sister calls!
    Why wilt thou sleep the sleep of death,
    And close her from thy ancient walls?
    William Blake (1757–1827)

    Old Abe is much better looking than I expected & younger looking. He shook hands like a good fellow—working hard at it like a man sawing wood at so much per cord.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)