Yizhuang Line

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Songjiazhuang Station
... Chinese 宋家莊站 pinyin Sòngjiāzhuāng Zhàn) is a station on Line 5, Line 10, and the Yizhuang Line of the Beijing Subway ... This is a connecting station, terminal for Line 5 and Yizhuang Line ... so that the passengers leaving the train from Line 5 proceed ahead to get to the station of Yizhuang Line ...
Yizhuang Line, Beijing Subway - Route
... Stations listed from north to south Yizhuang Railway Station did not open in 2010 as the train station itself was not yet operational ... Name Transfer Location Songjiazhuang 宋家庄 Line 5 Line 10 Fengtai Xiaocun 肖村 Chaoyang Xiaohongmen 小红门 Jiugong 旧宫 Daxing Yizhuangqiao 亦庄桥 Yizhuang ...

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