The word yaw can refer to:

  • Yaw angle, one of the Tait-Bryan angles, describing the heading of a vehicle or machine, and some other related elements:
    • Yaw system, component responsible for the orientation of a wind turbine towards the wind.
    • Yaw bearing, one of the components to keep optimal heading in a wind turbine.
  • Yaw, rotation around the vertical axis in aircraft, an aspect of flight dynamics and some other related elements:
    • Yaw (rotation)
    • an Aerobatic maneuver, rotation around the vertical axis
    • Yaw rate sensor, angular speed of yaw rotation
  • Yaw (god), Levantine god
  • Yaw drive, wind turbine component
  • YAW, Halifax/Shearwater Heliport's IATA code
  • Ellen Beach Yaw (1869–1947), concert singer
  • Yàw, Thursday, see Akan day names
  • Yaw-Yan, Filipino martial art
  • Yaws, tropical disease
  • Yaws (web server)
  • Yaw (ethnic group), a Burmese ethnic group
  • YAW (Yoonu Askaan Wi), a Senegalese political party

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Stability Derivatives - Comments
... state variables were chosen to be the angle of attack and the yaw rate r, and have omitted the speed perturbation u, together with the associated ... generally have low aspect ratio configurations and the roll inertia is much less than the yaw inertia, consequently the roll loop is expected to be much ... such as separation of fast and slow modes, and the similarity between pitch and yaw motions, are not obvious from the equations of motion, and are consequently deferred until a late stage of ...
Mitsubishi S-AWC - Components - Active Yaw Control (AYC)
... Active Yaw Control uses a torque transfer mechanism in the rear differential to control rear wheel torque differential for different driving conditions and so limit the yaw moment that acts on the ... In its latest form, AYC now features yaw rate feedback control using a yaw rate sensor and also gains braking force control ...
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... Parrish Yaw is a keyboardist from Sparta, Tennessee who played with the American rock group The Features from 1994 through 2006 ... Parrish Yaw went to middle school with the people who would later join to form The Features and was good friends with Don Sergio, but didn't actually join the band until college, when Sergio ... Yaw continued to play with the band until 2006, when he left in the fallout of their drop by Universal Records ...
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