Yahalom (IDF) - Organization and Activities - Sub-units


  • YAEL ("Ibex") - a special demolition unit that conducts long range sabotages, combat engineering, counter terror, and maritime engineering missions. The YAEL team has destroyed Palestinian homes and civilian infrastructure that the IDF identified as hiding weapons caches, tunnels used to smuggle weapons, and firing positions.
  • YACHSAP ("EOD Unit") - an EOD unit that removes land mines and missile warheads, handles nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) threats, performs bomb disposal, and accompanies special operations units on missions where there units are at risk of encountering explosive booby traps. YACHSAP is constantly engaged in defusing large IEDs that Hezbollah has set along the Israel-Lebanon border and bombs Palestinians have planted in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. They often use armored bulldozers when executing those missions.
  • SAMOOR ("Weasel") - a unit whose expertise is finding and destroying smuggling tunnels and hidden weapon caches. The unit dates back to 2004 when the IDF merged the Southern Command Philadelphi Route Smuggling tunnel experts team into Yahalom to form the SAMOOR platoon.
  • MIDRON MUSHLAG ("Snowy Slope") - a unit whose expertise is penetrating buildings using explosives or other methods.
  • HEVZEK ("Flash-light") - a unit that operates military robots

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