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  • The Acolytes appear in the two-part episode “Sanctuary”. The team as presented consists of Fabian Cortez, Amelia Voght, Marco Delgado, Chrome, Carmela Unuscione, Joanna Cargill, and Byron Calley. The Acolytes aid Magneto in the liberation of the Genoshan mutant slaves from the hands of the Genoshan Magistrates. After Magneto is betrayed by Cortez and believed to have been killed by the X-Men, the Acolytes pledge their loyalty to Cortez. After Cortez' plot was exposed, the Acolytes turn on him. Francisco Milan is shown in a video screen as one of the scientists that helped Magneto build Asteroid M. Suvik Senyaka makes a cameo appearance in the episode “Secrets No Longer Buried,” as one of the residents of the mutant-dominated community of Skull Mesa.
  • Alpha Flight appeared in the episode "Repo Man". It consists of Vindicator (who had renamed himself Guardian in the comics), Puck, Snowbird, Shaman, Northstar, Aurora, Sasquatch, and Dr. Heather Hudson. The episode's story is similar to Guardian's first comics appearance (as Weapon Alpha) in Uncanny X-Men #109. Although though in the comics story, Weapon Alpha went after Wolverine solo. Vindicator and the Canadian Alpha Flight capture Wolverine. Department H demanded their project back. Either he rejoins their team or they repossess his indestructible, adamantium skeleton. Puck and Snowbird spied on the attempted adamantium-removal experiment and informed the other members. After a fierce fight between Alpha Flight and Department H's security androids, Wolverine warns the Alpha Flight members that if any of them try to seek him out, all bets are off. Later on in "The Phoenix Saga, Part 5: Child of Light," members of Alpha Flight are shown helping citizens as Earth is ravaged by the M'Kraan Crystal.
  • A heavily altered version of the Brood (called The Colony) appears in the 'episode "Love in Vain". These aliens looked more reptilian than insectoid and were equipped with metallic tentacled armors instead of having organic tentacles. In addition, instead of laying their eggs in other people, they infect other races and transform them into their own kind. The classic Brood appear in the episode "Mojovision", as generic aliens that fight Beast and Rogue in one of Mojo's shows as well as the Japanese intro for the X-Men Series. A classic Brood Queen also appears in the episode "Cold Comfort" as an illusion projected by Professor X to scare away the soldiers attacking Iceman.
  • "The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants" appeared with the Blob, Avalanche and Pyro being led by Mystique with Rogue being shown as a former member. The Brotherhood was shown also to be initially financed by Apocalypse, though only Mystique knew of this. Notably absent from the series was Mystique's longtime lesbian lover Destiny. As such, major changes had to be made towards the adaptation of "Days of Future Past" in which the Brotherhood attempts to assassinate presidential candidate Senator Robert Kelly.
  • Externals - In the episode "Sanctuary Part 2", Saul and Gideon are seen watching Fabian Cortez announce his scheme to the Earth. In the episode "Externally Yours", Gambit's past involvement with the respective guilds of Thieves and Assassins, as well as with the External Candra (depicted here as an African-American "spirit lady", as opposed to a Caucasian telekinetic, and merely known as "The External") are detailed.
  • The Friends of Humanity debuted in the second season, again founded by Creed. Former followers of Senator Kelly felt betrayed by his switch from anti-mutant to pro-mutant views brought about by the X-Men saving his life. Near the end of the season, the Friend of Humanity discovered (thanks to Wolverine) that Graydon Creed was the human son of Sabretooth and they left him in disgust. In the last season, the Friends of Humanity returned to wage war on mutants. When Creed recovered in the episode "Bloodlines," the Friends of Humanity's council gave him another chance by having him kill Mystique. The Friends of Humanity were again stopped by the X-Men and the local authorities arrested the FoH Soldiers not for attacking mutants, but for blowing up a dam that had been caught in the crossfire. When Graydon failed to kill Mystique, Nightcrawler, or Rogue as well as costing them some of their soldiers who were arrested for blowing up the dam, the four council members on the helicopter he was bounded on expelled Graydon and parachuted him to the house where Sabretooth was currently living.
  • The Horsemen of Apocalypse were the same ones as in the X-Factor comics. The lineup was composed of mutants that submitted themselves to the so-called Mutant Cure, developed by Dr. Adler (actually Mystique in disguise). The "Cure" process transformed the four mutants: Autumn Rolfson (Famine), Plague (Pestilence), Abraham Kieros (War), and Angel (Death) into altered mutants under the control of Apocalypse. The four-part episode Beyond Good and Evil featured another team of Horsemen, created by Apocalypse during his time in Ancient Egypt. The style of these Horsemen reflected their Egyptian origins. In the episode The Fifth Horseman, Fabian Cortez (at that point a follower of Apocalypse) creates a team called Hounds rather than Horsemen. One of them is Caliban, who resembled his appearance as "Death" in the comic books.
  • The Marauders as a group are not featured in X-Men. Sabretooth is a major recurring villain, but is usually seen working alone. Additionally, Mister Sinister's primary underlings are instead the Nasty Boys and the Savage Land Mutates. Vertigo belongs to the latter group and is later seen with the Nasty Boys in the "Beyond Good and Evil" four-parter
  • The Morlocks' members are Callisto, Leech, Erg, Masque, Sunder, Plague, Annalee, Ape, Scaleface, Tommy, Tar Baby, Mole, Glowworm, and Caliban. They first appear in "Captive Hearts", where the Morlocks captured Cyclops and Jean Grey. The X-Men led by Storm then came to get Jean and Cyclops back. In the end after a duel between Storm and Callisto, not only did the X-Men get Cyclops and Jean back, Storm also gained leadership of the Morlocks. Several of the Morlocks would have subsequent cameos outside of the sewers (an example being "Sanctuary"). They would have a major role to play in the episode "Out of the Past" and were last seen in "Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas".
  • While the Nasty Boys are barely a footnote in the extensive history of the X-Men comics, the villainous team was featured several times in the TV series, apparently used as the series' version of Sinister's Marauders. Appearing first in the episode "'Til Death Do Us Part, Part II", the cartoon featured four of the Boys: Gorgeous George (the Boys' field leader), Ruckus, Hairbag, and Slab; Ramrod never appeared in the series. The X-Man Morph, who had been resurrected by Sinister, had an "evil" side to his personality. "Evil" Morph was often a part-time member of the Nasty Boys, but Sinister increasingly lost control of him. The Nasty Boys reappeared in both parts of "Reunion" where, teamed with the Savage Land Mutates, they proved to be quite imposing to the X-Men whom Sinister had rendered powerless. The X-Men eventually regained their powers, freed Morph from Sinister completely, and defeated Sinister and the Boys. After leaving the Savage Land, the Boys reappeared with Sinister in all four parts of "Beyond Good and Evil". Vertigo apparently accompanied them (Sinister had given her a Magneto-inspired energy boost in "Reunion") and was made into a member, despite her female status. (In the comics, Vertigo was originally a member of the Savage Land Mutates, but then ended up joining the Marauders and helped to annihilate most of the Morlocks during the Mutant Massacre.)
  • The Phalanx appeared in the opening two-part episode "Phalanx Covenant". The series Phalanx is an amalgamation of the comics Phalanx and the Technarchy; they are a voracious alien life-form that can assume the guise of anything or anyone. Before long, the X-Men are all captured, except for Beast, who must find a way to stop the alien horror from assimilating every single lifeform on Earth. Cameron Hodge is allied with the Phalanx, while Warlock seeks to stop it.
  • The Reavers, led by Lady Deathstrike, make an appearance in the 1990s X-Men TV series.
  • The Savage Land Mutates have appeared on a few episodes. The lineup was formed by Sauron, Vertigo, Brainchild, Amphibious, Barbarus, and Lupo. They were creations of Magneto, though they were later recruited by Mister Sinister.
  • The Weapon X program was responsible for Wolverine's adamantium implants and memory alterations. The program (directed by Professor Thornton and Dr. Cornelius) captured Logan, Sabretooth, Silver Fox, and Maverick and used a combination of false memory implants and brainwashing techniques in order to turn them into an elite team of mind-controlled assassins. Most of the experiments and training were administered at a secret research compound in Canada. There, Thornton and Cornelius forcibly laced Logan's skeleton with adamantium using a process developed by another scientist named Dr. Oyama. Enraged by what was done to him, Logan broke free of his restraints and rampaged his way out of the facility. During the ensuing chaos, Sabretooth, Silver Fox, and Maverick were also able to escape.
  • X-Factor appeared in the episode "Cold Comfort". Its lineup consisted of Forge, Polaris, Multiple Man, Strong Guy, Quicksilver, Havok, and Wolfsbane. Iceman broke into their facility to find his girlfriend Polaris and ran afoul of the X-Men. When it came to a battle against the X-Factor, Forge said it was to test them. In "Family Ties," Quicksilver was again seen as a member of X-Factor.

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