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Written Notes
... A written note can also have a note value, a code that determines the note's relative duration ... In order of halving duration, we have double note (breve) whole note (semibreve) half note (minim) quarter note (crotchet) eighth note (quaver) sixteenth note (se ... Smaller still are the thirty-second note (demisemiquaver), sixty-fourth note (hemidemisemiquaver), and hundred twenty-eighth note (semihemidemisemiquaver) ...
Transposing Instrument - Reasons For Transposing - Families of Instruments
... If the music for each was not transposed to maintain the same fingerings for the same written notes, players would have to learn to read differently for each pitch of instrument ... instruments are transposed based on their range so that the written notes are fingered the same way on each instrument ... Some instrument families, like trombones and tubas, are not written transposed ...

Famous quotes containing the words notes and/or written:

    Lap me in soft Lydian airs,
    Married to immortal verse,
    Such as the meeting soul may pierce
    In notes with many a winding bout
    Of linked sweetness long drawn out,
    With wanton heed and giddy cunning,
    The melting voice through mazes running,
    Untwisting all the chains that tie
    The hidden soul of harmony;
    John Milton (1608–1674)

    Everything changes as it is written down.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)