Wieland is a Germanic name, from wela "battle" and, nand "brave". The English form is Wayland.

  • Weyland the Smith, a smith in Germanic mythology

as a first name:

  • Wieland Wagner, grandson of Richard Wagner

as a surname name:

  • Christoph Martin Wieland, a German poet
  • Heinrich Otto Wieland a Nobel Prize winning German chemist
  • Jan Müller-Wieland, a German composer
  • Joe Wieland (born 1990), American baseball player
  • Johann Wieland, Austrian ski mountaineer
  • Maria Louise Wieland, a famous actress
  • Rainer Wieland, a German politician

the novel of this name by Charles Brockden Brown:

  • Wieland (novel)

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Liza Wieland
... Liza Wieland (born 1960) is an American novelist, short story writer and poet ... Wieland has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Christopher Isherwood Foundation, and the North Carolina Arts Council, and her work has been ... Wieland earned her B.A ...
Carl Wieland - Biography
... Wieland is a medical doctor graduating from Adelaide University in South Australia, but stopped practising medicine in 1986 ... This was due to an accident Wieland was in with "a fully laden fuel tanker at highway speeds." He endured five and a half months in hospital and has undergone more than fifty operations, as discussed in his book ... Wieland has said that during his time at university he was an atheist ...
Heinrich Wieland Prize
... The Heinrich Wieland Prize is an annual science award for research on lipids in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and clinical medicine ... Laureate in chemistry Professor Heinrich Wieland (1877-1957), one of the leading lipid chemists of the first half of the 20th century ...
Wieland-Gymnasium Biberach
... The Wieland-Gymnasium is one of two Gymnasien (high schools) in Biberach an der Riß, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (along with Pestalozzi-Gymnasium) ... It is named after the poet Christoph Martin Wieland, who lived and worked in Biberach ...