Who is William McKinley?

  • (noun): 25th President of the United States; was assassinated by an anarchist (1843-1901).
    Synonyms: McKinley, President McKinley

William McKinley

William McKinley (January 29, 1843 – September 14, 1901) was the 25th President of the United States, serving from March 4, 1897 until his assassination in September 1901. McKinley led the nation to victory in the Spanish–American War, raised protective tariffs to promote American industry, and maintained the nation on the gold standard in a rejection of inflationary proposals. Though McKinley's administration ended with his assassination, his presidency marked the beginning of a period of dominance by the Republican Party that lasted for more than a third of a century.

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... McKinley's biographer, H ... Wayne Morgan remarks that McKinley died the most beloved president in history ... The new president made little effort to secure the trade reciprocity McKinley had intended to negotiate with other nations ...
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... William McKinley was assassinated on September 6, 1901, inside the Temple of Music on the grounds of the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York ... McKinley was shaking hands with the public when he was shot by Leon Czolgosz, an anarchist ... McKinley had been elected for a second term in 1900 ...
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... David Allison McKinley (1829–1892), U.S ... Brother of William McKinley ... William McKinley (1843–1901), U.S ...
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... William Henry Harrison (1841, pneumonia and pleurisy from undisclosed illness) Zachary Taylor (1850, gastroenteritis) Abraham Lincoln (1865, assassinated) James Garfield (1881 ... Note Of the presidents listed above, Zachary Taylor, Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley are the only ones to have a former president die during their ... William Henry Harrison, James Garfield and Warren G ...

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    Major [William] McKinley visited me. He is on a stumping tour.... I criticized the bloody-shirt course of the canvass. It seems to me to be bad “politics,” and of no use.... It is a stale issue. An increasing number of people are interested in good relations with the South.... Two ways are open to succeed in the South: 1. A division of the white voters. 2. Education of the ignorant. Bloody-shirt utterances prevent division.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)