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Ned Chaillet - Radio Plays
4 18 November 1986 Optimistic Tragedy Vsevolod Vishnevsky translated and adapted by Richard Crane and Faynia Williams Toyah Wilcox, Shaun Prendergast, Trader Faulkner, Linda Marlowe, Stephen Boxer. 4 Sunday Play 27 August 1987 (Recorded on 12 July 1987) Sweet Tooth Mel Calman Steve Hodson, Richard Griffiths, Melinda Walker, Denis Lawson, Tim Reynolds, Morag Hood, Steven Harrold, Julie Berry and ... BBC Radio 11 ... December 1987 Languages Spoken Here Richard Nelson Colin Stinton, Emily Richard, Renny Krupinski, Jiri Hanak, Peter Craze, Steven Harrold, John ...
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... Richard Nelson Gale (1896–1982), general in the British Army Richard Nelson Bolles (born 1927), former clergyman Richard Nelson Frye, U.S ...

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    If you take away ideology, you are left with a case by case ethics which in practise ends up as me first, me only, and in rampant greed.
    Richard Nelson (b. 1950)

    From now on, if I ever get to burn another newspaper, I’ll remember what a few cents can buy.
    Alvah Bessie, Ranald MacDougall, and Lester Cole. Raoul Walsh. Captain Nelson (Errol Flynn)

    See, see, King Richard doth himself appear,
    As doth the blushing discontented sun
    From out the fiery portal of the east.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)