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Emerald City Comicon - Event History
... Steve Skroce, Mike Huddleston, Steve Rolston, Ian Boothby, Jay Faerber, Matt Haley, Kathleen Webb, John Lustig, David Hahn, Stefano Gaudiano, Donna Barr ... John Layman, David Hahn, Karl Kesel, Paul Guinan, Matt Haley, Steve Lieber, Dan Norton, Jason Pearson, Michael T ... Scott Kurtz, Crab Scrambly, Dexter Vines, Gail Simone, Jay Faerber, John Layman, Ford Gilmore, David Hahn, Matthew Clark, Tom Peyer, Karl Kesel, Rebecca Woods, Jeff ...

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    Children who are not spoken to by live and responsive adults will not learn to speak properly. Children who are not answered will stop asking questions. They will become incurious. And children who are not told stories and who are not read to will have few reasons for wanting to learn to read.
    —Gail Haley (20th century)