Who is Ethel Barrymore?

  • (noun): United States actress; daughter of Maurice Barrymore and Georgiana Barrymore (1879-1959).
    Synonyms: Barrymore

Ethel Barrymore

Ethel Barrymore (August 15, 1879 – June 18, 1959) was an American actress and a member of the Barrymore family of actors.

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Ethel Barrymore Theatre
... The Ethel Barrymore Theatre is a Broadway theatre located at 243 West 47th Street in midtown-Manhattan, named for actress Ethel Barrymore ... with The Kingdom of God, a play selected by leading lady Ethel Barrymore ...
List Of Nominees For The Academy Award For Best Supporting Actress (by Actress) - B
1979 Barbara Barrie - Breaking Away 1944 Ethel Barrymore - None But the Lonely Heart 1946 Ethel Barrymore - The Spiral Staircase 1947 Ethel Barrymore - The Paradine Case 1949 Ethel Barrymore - Pinky 1997 ...
List Of Stage Names - B
... Barrios Len Barry – Leonard Borisoff Ethel BarrymoreEthel Mae Blythe John Barrymore – John Sidney Blythe Lionel Barrymore – Lionel Herbert Blythe Michael Barrymore – Michael ... Thomas Harvey Bonniwell Bono – Paul David Hewson Sonny Bono – Salvatore Philip Bono Ethel Booba – Ethyl Gabison Booker T (wrestler) – Robert Booker Tio Huffman ...
The Royal Family (play) - Plot Summary
... Fiancee The story is a parody of the Barrymore family actors, with particular aim taken at John Barrymore and Ethel Barrymore ... The character Tony Cavendish, a heavy-drinking womanizer, represents John Barrymore ... Julie Cavendish is the prima donna Broadway star Ethel Barrymore ...

Famous quotes containing the words ethel barrymore and/or ethel:

    I never let them cough. They wouldn’t dare.
    Ethel Barrymore (1879–1959)

    The very “in” had babies the same time Ethel [Kennedy] did, in the same hospital, with the same obstetrician ...
    Barbara Howar (b. 1934)