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Allied Intervention In The Russian Civil War - Campaigns - Northwestern Russia
... the border into Russia in support of the White Russian Northern Corps ... But the 7th Red Army received reinforcements and counterattacked, pushing the White Russians back, until the front was stabilised with the support from the Estonian 1st ... Estonian Commander-in-Chief Johan Laidoner rescinded his command over the White Russians, and they were renamed the Northwestern Army ...
Khatanbaatar Magsarjav - Khatanbaatar's Elite Khalkha Contingent
... of the miliatary victories of Mongol army over its enemies whether they would be Chinese, Red Russians or White Russian Guards ... From 1912 to 1921 Khatanbaatar led his troops and fought White Russians and Chinese more than 30 times ... He defeated Chinese troops many times, later managed by ruse some White Russians (including well-known general Bakich) ...
Yakut Revolt
... The Yakut Revolt (Russian Якутский мятеж) or the Yakut Expedition (Russian Якутский поход) was the last episode of the Russian Civil War ... between September 1921 and June 1923 and were centred on the Ayano-Maysky District of the Russian Far East ... About 200 White Russians were led by Cornet Mikhail Korobeinikov ...
1st Infantry Brigade (South Africa) - World War I - Demobilisation - Volunteers To Support The White Russians
... moving back towards Germany, would firstly invigorate the White Russian counter-revolution to oust the Communists and secondly, to encourage the Czechs to take up arms ... African officers were already fighting on the side of the White Russians against the Communists ... many of whom preferred to volunteer for services in support of the White Russians, rather than returning home ...

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