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History Of Louisiana - Reconstruction, Disenfranchisement and Segregation (1865–1929)
... volatility in the aftermath of war, with many whites actively resisting defeat ... In the 1870s, whites who opposed the outcome of the war accelerated their insurgency to regain control of political power in the state ... White paramilitary groups such as the White League, formed in 1874, used violence and outright assassination to turn Republicans out of office, and intimidate African-Americans, discourage them from voting ...
Elections In Georgia (U.S. State) - History
... White voters often perceived the Republican Party as the party of the North standing for Yankee values, growing industrialisation, and an excessively powerful and interfering federal government all arrayed ... delegations.From 1872 to 2002, Georgia voters consistently elected Democrats as governor and Democratic majorities to the state legislature ... state of Georgia was dominated by conservative white Democrats in the period between Reconstruction and the end of the New Deal Coalition ...
Southern United States - Politics
... In the first decades after Reconstruction, when white Democrats regained power in the state legislatures, they began to make voter registration more complicated, to reduce black voting ... or amendments that effectively disenfranchised most black voters and many poor white voters ... This disfranchisement persisted for six decades into the 20th century, depriving blacks and poor whites of all political representation ...
History Of Florida - American Frontier - Civil War, Reconstruction and Jim Crow
... Southern whites objected to freedmen's political participation and complained of illiterate representatives to the state legislature ... read or write during the seven years of Republican rule, four were white ... After Reconstruction, conservative white Democrats strove for political power until they regained it in 1877 ...
Disfranchisement After Reconstruction Era
... Southern whites resisted the freedmens' exercise of political power, fearing black domination ... White supremacist paramilitary organizations, allied with the Southern Conservatives of the Democratic Party, practiced intimidation, violence and assassinations to repress and prevent blacks exercising ... decreased markedly under such pressure, and white Democrats regained political control of Southern legislatures and governors' offices in the 1870s ...

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    In all history no class has been enfranchised without some selfish motive underlying. If to-day we could prove to Republicans or Democrats that every woman would vote for their party, we should be enfranchised.
    Carrie Chapman Catt (1859–1947)

    I can’t really hear the audience applause when I’m on stage. I’m totally immersed in the piece. But sometimes I get a lot of it and wonder, “Now, why did they applaud here?” If it’s a white crowd, they usually applaud because they think it’s a pretty movement. If it’s a black crowd, it’s usually because they identify with the message.
    Judith Jamison (b. 1944)