What is unjust enrichment?

Unjust Enrichment

Unjust enrichment is a legal term denoting a particular type of causative event in which one party is unjustly enriched at the expense of another, and an obligation to make restitution arises, regardless of liability for wrongdoing.

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Some articles on unjust enrichment:

Lipkin Gorman V Karpnale Ltd
... v Karpnale Ltd UKHL 12 is a foundational English unjust enrichment case ... money had and received is the principle of unjust enrichment, and that an award of restitution is subject to a defence of change of position ... This secured unjust enrichment English law as the third pillar of the law of obligations, along with contract and tort ...
Unjust Enrichment - Examples
... Suppose again, that Neal is a building contractor who has been awarded a contract to build a skyscraper ... Neal hires Keith to handle all necessary steel erection ...
Fibrosa Spolka Akcyjna V Fairbairn Lawson Combe Barbour Ltd - Judgment
... Lord Wright said the claim was based on unjust enrichment ... system of law is bound to provide remedies for cases of what has been called unjust enrichment or unjust benefit, that is to prevent a man from retaining the money of ... Brougham closed the door to any theory of unjust enrichment in English law ...
English Unjust Enrichment Law - Foreign Comparisons
... Unjust enrichment is a developed and coherent field in continental civil law systems ... have been accustomed to identify an "unjust factor" ... The difference between "unjust factors" and "absence of basis" as a unifying principle has generated a lot of debate, particularly since Peter Birks changed his mind in his second edition of ...

Famous quotes containing the words enrichment and/or unjust:

    War is a most uneconomical, foolish, poor arrangement, a bloody enrichment of that soil which bears the sweet flower of peace ...
    M. E. W. Sherwood (1826–1903)

    Nothing turns out to be so oppressive and unjust as a feeble government.
    Edmund Burke (1729–1797)