What is time discipline?

Time Discipline

In sociology and anthropology, time discipline is the general name given to social and economic rules, conventions, customs, and expectations governing the measurement of time, the social currency and awareness of time measurements, and people's expectations concerning the observance of these customs by others.

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Time Discipline - Isochronous Time
... in 1656 by Christiaan Huygens, came isochronous time, with a fixed pace of 3600 seconds per hour ... Following the invention of the locomotive in 1830, time had to be synchronized across vast distances in order to organize the train schedules ... This eventually led to the development of time zones, and, thus, global isochronous time ...

Famous quotes containing the words discipline and/or time:

    Those men are most apt to be obsequious and conciliating abroad, who are under the discipline of shrews at home.
    Washington Irving (1783–1859)

    Revolution begins with the self, in the self.... We’d better take the time to fashion revolutionary selves, revolutionary lives, revolutionary relationships. Mouth don’t win the war.
    Toni Cade (b. 1939)