What is tea ceremony?

  • (noun): An ancient ritual for preparing and serving and drinking tea.
    Synonyms: chanoyu

Tea Ceremony

A tea ceremony is a ritualised form of making tea. The term generally refers to either chayi or chadao Chinese tea ceremony, chado or sado Japanese tea ceremony, tarye Korean tea ceremony. The Japanese tea ceremony is more well known, and was influenced by the Chinese tea ceremony during ancient and medieval times. One can also refer to the whole set of rituals, tools, gestures, etc. used in such ceremonies as tea culture. All of these tea ceremonies and rituals contain "artificiality, abstractness, symbolism and formalism" to one degree or another.

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Some articles on tea ceremony:

Matsue, Shimane - History
... Harusato was a great enthusiast of Tea Ceremony ... His Tea Ceremony name was Fumai ... He has left the Meimei-An a famous tea house still operating in Matsue ...
Tea Ceremony - Terminology of Dao/do
... used and easy to express translation however, is "tea ceremony" ... Similar terms are "tea arts" and "tea culture" and Teaism ... lore is usually not used in this context, another term used is "tea lore" ...
Fukusa - For Use in Tea Ceremony
... Fukusa can also refer to several types of silk cloths used in Japanese tea ceremony ... undecorated squares of silk used to ritually purify tea utensils during a temae (tea-making procedure) ... with various patterns used by hosts and guests to handle chawan (tea bowls) during certain temae, usually those involving the making of thick tea, in some ...
Chikamatsu Shigenori
... Chikamatsu Shigenori (近松 茂矩?), military writer and tea ceremony enthusiast, was born in Owari Province (now Aichi prefecture) in 1695 ... his writing on chanoyu or the Japanese tea ceremony ... completed a text entitled Chanoyu Kojidan (Legends of the Tea Ceremony) by 1739 ...
Chashitsu - Tea Houses Versus Tea Rooms
... structures specifically designed for exclusive tea ceremony use, as well as individual rooms intended for tea ceremony, are both referred to as chashitsu ... The term may be used to indicate the tea room itself where the guests are received, or that room and its attached facilities, even extending to the roji ... Tea houses are usually small, simple wooden buildings ...

Famous quotes containing the words ceremony and/or tea:

    Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.
    Henry James (1843–1916)

    They were right. The Soviet régime is not the embodiment of evil as you think in the West. They have laws and I broke them. I hate tea and they love tea. Who is wrong?
    Alexander Zinoviev (b. 1922)