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Carolina Marsh Tacky - History
... The Carolina Marsh Tacky developed from Spanish horses brought to the island and coastal areas of South Carolina by Spanish explorers and settlers as early as the 16th century ... were added to the population that would become the Marsh Tacky through animals that were purchased in the Spanish settlement of St ... The swamp savvy of the Marsh Tacky may have given Marion's forces an advantage, as British cavalry mounted on larger European breeds were not as easily able to ...
Carolina Marsh Tacky - Conservation
... In the lowcountry region of coastal Georgia and South Carolina, the Carolina Marsh Tacky was the most common horse for most of the breed's history ... became more common during the 20th century, breed numbers declined, and the Marsh Tacky was thought to have gone extinct during the 1980s and 1990s ... The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy considers the Marsh Tacky (which they consider a strain of the Colonial Spanish horse) to be at critical levels, meaning that there are ...
Helen Lester - Works
1986) Pookins Gets Her Way (1990) Tacky the Penguin (1990) Me First (1995) Three Cheers for Tacky (1996) Listen Buddy (1997) Princess Penelope's Parrot (1996 ...
Carolina Marsh Tacky - Characteristics
... The Marsh Tacky generally stands between 14 and 14.2 hands (56 and 58 inches, 142 and 147 cm) high, although the acceptable range is between 13 and 15 hands (52 and 60 ... The Marsh Tacky exhibits an four-beat ambling gait, most similar to the marcha batida of the Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador, another breed with Spanish heritage, although also ... However, the Marsh Tacky's gait shows a period of quadrupedal support where all four feet are planted and diagonal foot pairings, whereas the Fox Trotter shows tripedal support and the ...
Richmond Times-Dispatch - History and Notable Accomplishments - Tacky Christmas Lights Tour
... an idea from a local entrepreneur, Barry "Mad Dog" Gottlieb, to encourage a "Tacky Christmas Lights Tour" also known by locals as the "Tacky Light Tour" ... Every week, the RTD lists the addresses of houses where the most tacky Christmas lights can be found ...

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  • (adj): (of a glutinous liquid such as paint) not completely dried and slightly sticky to the touch.
    Example: "Tacky varnish"

Famous quotes containing the word tacky:

    One need not be a great beau, a seductive catch, to do it effectively. Any man is better than none. To shrink from giving so much happiness at such small expense, to evade the business on the ground that it has hazards—this is the act of a puling and tacky fellow.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)