What is subdue?

  • (verb): Correct by punishment or discipline.
    Synonyms: tame, chasten
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Some articles on subdue:

Kikuyu People - History - 1898-1945
... The aim of these Europeans was to subdue the local population, colonise and take over their rich agricultural land ... the Agikuyu nation that helped the British to subdue the Agikuyu ... base for the British in the First World War (1914–1918), as efforts to subdue the German colony to the south were frustrated ...
List Of Primeval Episodes - Episode List - Series 4 (2011)
... Connor and some students use chemical warfare to finally subdue the creatures ... bit of help from James Lester, Abby eventually manages to subdue Burton, thus allowing her creatures, to live ... Jenny and the team subdue them using medieval weaponry ...
Puppet Guardian - Monsters and Magic
... These items, in turn, allow players to subdue ever more powerful monsters ... In most cases, the more difficult the monster is to subdue, the rarer and more valuable the item the player will be able to take ... In general, novice players will not be able to subdue advanced monsters ...

More definitions of "subdue":

  • (verb): Make subordinate, dependent, or subservient.
    Synonyms: subordinate
  • (verb): Hold within limits and control.
    Example: "Subdue one's appetites"
    Synonyms: mortify, cricify

Famous quotes containing the word subdue:

    When man has neither the strength to subdue his underworld powers—which are really the ancient powers of his old, superseded self; nor the wit to placate them with sacrifice and the burnt holocaust; then they come back at him, and destroy him again. Hence every new conquest of life means a “harrowing of Hell.”
    —D.H. (David Herbert)

    Camillo. Prosperity’s the very bond of love,
    Whose fresh complexion and whose heart together
    Affliction alters.
    Perdita. One of these is true:
    I think affliction may subdue the cheek,
    But not take in the mind.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    What a prodigious growth this English race, especially the American branch of it, is having! How soon will it subdue and occupy all the wild parts of this continent and of the islands adjacent. No prophecy, however seemingly extravagant, as to future achievements in this way [is] likely to equal the reality.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)