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Lissotes Latidens
... Lissotes latidens, commonly known as the Wielangta stag beetle or broad-toothed stag beetle, is a species of stag beetle which is only found in an area centred in Wielangta Forest in eastern ... The broad-toothed stag beetle has been recorded at less than 40 sites, scattered across an area of 280 square kilometres (110 sq mi), since it was first discovered in 1871 ... Stag beetles are an ancient lineage thought to have evolved with the dinosaurs over 200 million years ago ...
Stag Hound - External Links
... Clipper Ship Stag Hound of Boston, construction and design, from "Monthly Nautical Magazine and Quarterly Review" Stag Hound, The Maritime History Virtual Archives The New. 21, 1850 The Clipper-Ship Stag Hound of Boston, "Boston Daily Atlas", Jan. 26, 1852 Stag Hound, "Boston Daily Atlas", Feb ...
Stag (film)
... Stag is a 1997 film, directed by Gavin Wilding, made for HBO and later released theatrically after drawing large ratings ... STAG features an ensemble cast including Ben Gazzara, Andrew McCarthy, Taylor Dayne, Mario Van Peebles, Lawrence Leritz, William McNamara, John Henson, Kevin Dillon, and Jerry Stiller ...
South Trafford Archaeological Group
... The South Trafford Archaeological Group (STAG) is an archaeological group based in Timperley, Greater Manchester ... STAG was formed in 1979 and provides facilities for volunteer archaeologists from south Manchester and north-east Cheshire ... STAG has undertaken excavations as far away as Condate, the Roman name for Northwich, in Cheshire ...
Mordaunt Bisset - Portraits
... A wild stag at bay with portraits to be presented to the master of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, Mordaunt Fenwick-Bisset Esq ... surrounded by his favourite hounds, with a stag at bay at Badgworthy Water, Exmoor Forest ... standing on a North Devon beach watching a hunted stag swimming away into the sea is published in Fortescue, op.cit ...

More definitions of "stag":

  • (verb): Attend a dance or a party without a female companion.
  • (noun): Male red deer.
    Synonyms: hart
  • (noun): Adult male deer.
  • (verb): Watch, observe, or inquire secretly.
    Synonyms: spy, snoop, sleuth

Famous quotes containing the word stag:

    I don’t want to smoke cigars or go to stag parties, wear jockey shorts or pick up the check.
    Shelley Winters (b. 1922)

    What was dancing to you then?
    We went from the high gate away
    To a black hill the other side of men
    Where one wild stag stared
    At the going day.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    A stag of warrant, a stag, a stag,
    A runnable stag, a kingly crop,
    Brow, bay and tray and three on top,
    A stag, a runnable stag.
    John Davidson (1857–1909)