What is solar urticaria?

Solar Urticaria

Solar urticaria (SU) is a rare condition in which exposure to ultraviolet or UV radiation, or sometimes even visible light, induces a case of urticaria or hives that can appear in both covered and uncovered areas of the skin. It is classified as a type of physical urticaria. The classification of disease types is somewhat controversial. One classification system distinguished various types of SU based on the wavelength of the radiation that causes the breakout; another classification system is based on the type of allergen that initiates a breakout.

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Solar Urticaria - History
... Solar urticaria was first identified by P ... Just a year later, in 1905, Ward became the first to induce urticaria through exposure to the sun in a controlled environment ... The name "solar urticaria" was proposed in 1923 ...
Chronic Urticaria - Classification - By Cause - Solar Urticaria
... Solar urticaria is classified into six different types, depending upon the wavelength of light involved ... with a wavelength of 320 nm and below, people suffering from solar urticaria in response to wavelengths of less than 320 nm are protected by glass ...

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