What is Smolensk?

  • (noun): A city in western Russia on the Dnieper River; scene of severe fighting in World War II.


Smolensk (Russian: Смоленск; ) is a city and the administrative center of Smolensk Oblast, Russia, located on the Dnieper River, 360 kilometers (220 mi) west-southwest of Moscow. Population: 326,861 (2010 Census); 325,137 (2002 Census); 341,483 (1989 Census).

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Smolensk Nuclear Power Plant
... Nuclear power station Smolensk (Russian Смоленская АЭС ) is a nuclear power station in Russia ... It is located in the Smolensk region, in Desnogorsk province, approximately 100 km from Smolensk, 120 km from Bryansk and 320 km from Moscow ... Smolensk Nuclear Power Plant is the biggest NPP in the Nechernozem region of Russia ...
Bishop Of Smolensk (Roman Catholic)
... Bishops of Smolensk were the Catholic bishops of Smolensk diocese (formed in 1611, mostly liquidated in 1667, finally liquidated in 1809) ...
Smolensk Archive
... The Smolensk Archive is the name given to the archives of Smolensk Oblast Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which were captured intact by the ... German entered in Smolensk in July 15 ... in the area of the railway station Pszczyna and returned to Smolensk ...
Lesnoy, Moscow Oblast - Smolensk Oblast
... As of 2010, two rural localities in Smolensk Oblast bear this name Lesnoy, Smolensk Oblast, a settlement in Borkovskoye Rural Settlement of Demidovsky District Lesnoye, Smolensk Oblast, a selo in Vadinskoye Rural ...