What is skirt?

  • (noun): Informal terms for a (young) woman.
    Synonyms: dame, doll, wench, chick, bird
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A skirt is a tube- or cone-shaped garment that hangs from the waist and covers all or part of the legs.

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Some articles on skirt:

Leather Skirt - Fashion - Suitability
... A short leather skirt might be regarded as more sexy than an equivalent short skirt of other material, and thus as more suitable to a night out than as office wear ... A long leather skirt might look professional and chic without looking too sexy for the office ...
Chima (clothing)
... Chima is a type of skirt worn together with jeogori, or a short jacket in hanbok, Korean traditional clothing ... In addition, Goguryeo women also wore saekdong chima that is a colorfully striped skirt by patchworking, and a chima in form of gored skirt, made by sewing ...
Gallery of Skirt Styles
... A-line skirt Dirndl Jean miniskirt Kilt Microskirt Pencil skirt Poodle skirt Sampot Pink skirt with embroidery ...
St Albans Girls' School - Uniform
... The uniform consists of a navy blue blazer with badge, a navy, knee-length skirt or navy trousers, a navy jumper with school trim and blue badge with embroidered ... may wear more formal, work-style clothes, which include a smart skirt of reasonable length or smart full-length trousers and a blouse or top with sleeves ... a black tailored jacket with white shirt (and tie for the boys), black trousers or skirt ...
... The t-skirt or (Tee-Skirt) is a skirt made of re-purposed or "recycled" t-shirts ... The skirt is generally an "A-Line" design which is tight around the hips and widens out in an "A" shape right down the length of the skirt ...

More definitions of "skirt":

  • (noun): Cloth covering that forms the part of a garment below the waist.
  • (verb): Form the edge of.
  • (verb): Extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle.
    Synonyms: surround, border
  • (noun): A garment hanging from the waist; worn mainly by girls and women.
  • (verb): Pass around or about; move along the border.
    Example: "The boat skirted the coast"

Famous quotes containing the word skirt:

    ...there was the annual Fourth of July picketing at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. ...I thought it was ridiculous to have to go there in a skirt. But I did it anyway because it was something that might possibly have an effect. I remember walking around in my little white blouse and skirt and tourists standing there eating their ice cream cones and watching us like the zoo had opened.
    Martha Shelley, U.S. author and social activist. As quoted in Making History, part 3, by Eric Marcus (1992)

    ...I discovered that I could take a risk and survive. I could march in Philadelphia. I could go out in the street and be gay even in a dress or a skirt without getting shot. Each victory gave me courage for the next one.
    Martha Shelley, U.S. author and social activist. As quoted in Making History, part 3, by Eric Marcus (1992)