What is simulate?

  • (verb): Make a pretence of.
    Synonyms: assume, sham, feign
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Squib (explosive) - Uses
... Today, squibs are widely used in the motion picture special effects industry to simulate bullet impacts on inanimate objects ... soil, or wood splinters may be attached to the squib to simulate the "splash" that occurs when bullets pierce different materials ... balloons filled with fake blood and often other materials to simulate shattered bone and tissue ...
Spectral Rendering
... is often used in ray tracing or photon mapping to more accurately simulate the scene, often for comparison with an actual photograph to test the rendering algorithm (a ... Spectral rendering can also simulate light sources and objects more effectively, as the light's emission spectrum can be used to release photons at a particular wavelength in ... Using the blackbody radiation equations to simulate sunlight or the emission spectrum of a fluorescent bulb in combination with the tomato's spectral reflectance curve, more accurate images of each scenario can be ...
Tail-pulse Generator
... Tail pulse generators simulate the outputs of radiation detectors, photomultiplier tubes (PMT's) and their electronics ... These simulate the outputs of Germanium detectors, plastic scintillators and their PMT's, NaI scintillators and their PMT's and LaBr3/LaCl3 ... The fast tail-pulse generators can simulate the 5 ns FWHM pulses of faster PMT outputs ...
Artificial Vagina - Human Use - Types - Realistic
... Realistic vaginas are made to simulate the natural physiology pubic bones, hair, labia, all natural creases and dimples, etc ... anal orifice for those users who also like to simulate anal sex ... called Rugae, and manufacturers often add nubs or ribs into artificial vaginas to simulate the rugae and enhance pleasure ...
Black Down, Somerset - Bombing Decoy Town
... the original code SF (Special Fire) used fires of creosote and water to simulate incendiary bombs exploding ... In addition glow boxes were used to simulate the streets and railways of Bristol, the light bulbs were powered by electrical generators, powered by Coventry Climax petrol engines contained in two bunkers ... Burning bales of straw soaked in creosote were used to simulate the effects of incendiary bombs dropped by the first wave of Pathfinder night bombers meanwhile, incendiary bombs dropped on the correct location were ...

More definitions of "simulate":

  • (verb): Create a representation or model of.
    Example: "The pilots are trained in conditions simulating high-altitude flights"
    Synonyms: model
  • (verb): Reproduce someone's behavior or looks.
    Synonyms: imitate, copy

Famous quotes containing the word simulate:

    I have come to believe ... that the stage may do more than teach, that much of our current moral instruction will not endure the test of being cast into a lifelike mold, and when presented in dramatic form will reveal itself as platitudinous and effete. That which may have sounded like righteous teaching when it was remote and wordy will be challenged afresh when it is obliged to simulate life itself.
    Jane Addams (1860–1935)