What is Sicily?

  • (noun): The largest island in the Mediterranean.
    Synonyms: Sicilia
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Sicily (Italian Sicilia ; Sicilian: Sicilia, Greek: Σικελία) is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea; along with surrounding minor islands, it constitutes an autonomous region of Italy, the Regione Autonoma Siciliana (Sicilian Autonomous Region).

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Peter Of Aigueblanche - Sicily
... embroiled in the attempt by King Henry to secure the kingdom of Sicily, which was granted to Henry by the papacy if Henry would drive Manfred of Sicily out of the kingdom ... of the clergy had not been to raise money for the king's efforts in Sicily, and this led to Peter being universally condemned in England ...
Morgantina - History
... BCE, when Douketios, leader of the indigenous Sikel population of central Sicily, attacked the city and captured it.3 Morgantina was probably still under ... for their wine — Pliny called it "the very best among all those that come from Sicily" — and had been transplanted from Sicily to mainland Italy by the 2nd century BCE ...
Elisabeth Of Carinthia - Marriage
... On 23 April 1322, in Catania, she married Peter II of Sicily and became queen-consort of Sicily ... Constance (1324 – October 1355), regent of Sicily from 1352 to 1354, unmarried Eleanor (1325–1375), married Peter IV of Aragon, mother of Martin II of Sicily Beatrice (13 ...
Sicily - Culture - Symbols and Icons - Mount Etna
... Mount Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe and still plagues the island with black ash with its ever current eruptions ... It currently stands 3,329 metres (10,922 ft) high, though this varies with summit eruptions the mountain is 21 m (69 ft) lower now than it was in 1981 ...
Piazza Armerina - Language
... See also Lombards of Sicily and Gallo-Italic of Sicily Piazza Armerina is one of the so-called "Lombardic" communes of Sicily, as its dialect differs notably from that of the neighbouring region ... This is due to the destruction of the old Piazza by king William I of Sicily, and the subsequent repopulation by William II (according to other scholars, during the slightly later age of Frederick II ...

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  • (noun): The Italian region on the island of Sicily.
    Synonyms: Sicilia

Famous quotes containing the word sicily:

    One usually dies because one is alone, or because one has got into something over one’s head. One often dies because one does not have the right alliances, because one is not given support. In Sicily the Mafia kills the servants of the State that the State has not been able to protect.
    Giovanni Falcone (1939–1992)