What is scleroderma?

  • (noun): Genus of poisonous fungi having hard-skinned fruiting bodies: false truffles.
    Synonyms: genus Scleroderma
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Scleroderma is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease (primarily of the skin -"derma") characterized by fibrosis (or hardening -"sclero"), vascular alterations, and autoantibodies. There are two major forms:

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Scleroderma Areolatum
... Scleroderma areolatum is a basidiomycete fungus and a member of the genus Scleroderma, or "earth balls." Like most members of Scleroderma, S ...
Anti-topoisomerase Antibodies - Epitopes and Subtypes
... is a type of anti-nuclear autoantibody seen mainly in diffuse systemic scleroderma, but is also seen the more limited form of systemic scleroderma ... Anti Scl-70 antibodies are associated with more severe scleroderma disease ... IgG-ATA is found most frequently in scleroderma, with IgA being quite common but IgM very infrequent ...
List Of Scleroderma Species - List of Species
... Scleroderma albidum Pat ... (1899) Scleroderma ambiguum Petri Scleroderma anomalum Ces ... Scleroderma arenicola Zeller (1947) Scleroderma areolatum Ehrenb ...
... Patients with scleromyositis have symptoms of both systemic scleroderma and either polymyositis or dermatomyositis, and is therefore considered an overlap syndrome ... it is a rare disease, it is one of the more common overlap syndromes seen in scleroderma patients, together with MCTD and synthetase syndrome ... autoimmune diseases and include Raynaud's phenomenon, arthritis, myositis and scleroderma ...

More definitions of "scleroderma":

  • (noun): An autoimmune disease that affects the blood vessels and connective tissue; fibrous connective tissue is deposited in the skin.
    Synonyms: dermatosclerosis