What is rudder?

  • (noun): (nautical) steering mechanism consisting of a hinged vertical plate mounted at the stern of a vessel.
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A rudder is a device used to steer a ship, boat, submarine, hovercraft, aircraft or other conveyance that moves through a medium (generally air or water). On an aircraft the rudder is used primarily to counter adverse yaw and p-factor and is not the primary control used to turn the airplane. A rudder operates by redirecting the fluid past the hull or fuselage, thus imparting a turning or yawing motion to the craft. In basic form, a rudder is a flat plane or sheet of material attached with hinges to the craft's stern, tail or after end. Often rudders are shaped so as to minimize hydrodynamic or aerodynamic drag. On simple watercraft, a tiller—essentially, a stick or pole acting as a lever arm—may be attached to the top of the rudder to allow it to be turned by a helmsman. In larger vessels, cables, pushrods, or hydraulics may be used to link rudders to steering wheels. In typical aircraft, the rudder is operated by pedals via mechanical linkages or hydraulics.

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Rudder - Trim Tab
... connected to the trailing edge of a larger control surface, such as a rudder, on a boat or aircraft, used to control the trim of the controls, i.e ... the neutral or resting position of a control surface (such as an elevator or rudder) ...
Allen Jack+Cottier - Personal Life
... Allen worked for Fowell Mansfield until late 1948 and then for Rudder, Littlemore Rudder ... at Sydney Technical College and with him at Rudder, Littlemore Rudder whilst completing his studies ... Upon Jacks return to Australia he gained more professional experience at Rudder, Littlemore Rudder for two years ...
Sean Rudder
... Sean Rudder born (13 February 1979) is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer of the 1990s and 2000s ... Rudder played a five-eighth for the Newcastle Knights in their 2001 NRL Grand Final victory over the Parramatta Eels ...
BFW M.19 - Development
... The rudder and fin assembly were noticeable for being extremely rectangular, higher than wide and dominated by the rudder the fin chord was very narrow and amounted to little more than a streamlined rudder post ...
Schilling Rudder - The Schilling Shape
... information available in the public domain regarding the exact shape of the Schilling rudder ... basic principal proportions of a Schilling rudder layout are as follows Max Width of aerofoil at 20% chord ... other words, a bulbous widening for 1/5 of the total length of the rudder blade, with a streamlined narrowing for 2/5 of the length leading to a flat section ...

More definitions of "rudder":

  • (noun): A hinged vertical airfoil mounted at the tail of an aircraft and used to make horizontal course changes.

Famous quotes containing the word rudder:

    He that winna be ruled by the rudder maun be ruled by the rock.
    Scottish proverb.

    Then the bowsprit got mixed with the rudder sometimes:
    A thing, as the Bellman remarked,
    That frequently happens in tropical climes
    When a vessel is, so to speak, “snarked.”
    Lewis Carroll [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson] (1832–1898)

    And when we can with Meeter safe,
    We’ll call him so, if not plain Ralph,
    For Rhime the Rudder is of Verses,
    With which like Ships they steer their courses.
    Samuel Butler (1612–1680)