What is ripple?

  • (verb): Flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise.
    Synonyms: babble, guggle, burble, bubble, gurgle
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Ripple is the more common name for a capillary wave in fluid dynamics. They can occur in nature or be produced in ripple tanks.

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Ripple, Kent
1.3550°E / 51.1965 1.3550 Ripple Ripple OS grid reference TR345465 District Dover Shire county Kent Region South East Country England Sovereign state United Kingdom ... It is also known as Ripple Vale ... the suffragist, novelist and Sinn Féin activist was also born in Ripple in 1844 ...
The Yadkin Ripple
... The Yadkin Ripple is a weekly newspaper based in Yadkinville, North Carolina ... The Ripple, published on Thursdays, was purchased in June 2007 by Heartland Publications ...
Sedimentary Structures - Ripple Marks
... Ripple marks usually form in conditions with flowing water, in the lower part of the Lower Flow Regime ... There are two types of ripple marks Symmetrical ripple marks - Often found on beaches, they are created by a two way current, for example the waves on a beach (swash and backwash) ... This creates ripple marks with pointed crests and rounded troughs, which aren't inclined more to a certain direction ...
List Of Magic: The Gathering Keywords - Keywords From Expert-Level Expansions (mechanics) - Ripple
... This ability is written Ripple X ... When a spell with ripple is cast, its controller may reveal the top X cards of his or her library ... have the same name as the spell with ripple that was cast, then he or she can cast those cards without paying their mana costs (this triggers their ripple abilities, so a player can ripple again) ...
Robot Battle (Macintosh Game)
... is preprogrammed using a BASIC-like language called RIPPLE ("Robot Instructional Programming Language") ... The RIPPLE language programs consist of logic commands, such as flow of control statements and action commands, that actually make the robot perform an action, such as fire a weapon ... An example RIPPLE program equip 435 ... LET h = 10 ... humanscan 20 ... IF range > 0 THEN GOSUB 30 ... IF YCOORD < 8 THEN GOSUB 40 ... swivel 50 ... GOTO 10 1000 ...

More definitions of "ripple":

  • (noun): (electronics) an oscillation of small amplitude imposed on top of a steady value.

Famous quotes containing the word ripple:

    The forest waves, the morning breaks,
    The pastures sleep, ripple the lakes,
    Leaves twinkle, flowers like persons be
    And life pulsates in rock or tree.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The pure serene of memory in one man,—
    A ripple widening from a single stone
    Winding around the waters of the world.
    Theodore Roethke (1908–1963)