What is retain?

  • (verb): Hold within.
    Example: "This soil retains water"; "I retain this drug for a long time"
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RETAIN is a mainframe based database system, accessed via IBM 3270 terminals (or more likely, emulators), used internally within IBM providing service support to IBM field personnel and customers.

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Some articles on retain:

Stradone, County Cavan - Specific Objectives
... Retain established tree stands within the proposed town boundary ... Retain and encourage the refurbishment and appropriate use of existing Gate Lodge and railings, Stradone House and auxiliary buildings in recognition of ... Retain stone walls, water pumps and vernacular architecture / streetscape, in recognition of their contribution to the unique character of Stradone ...
Atmosphere - Escape
... the large gravitational force of the giant planet Jupiter is able to retain light gases such as hydrogen and helium that escape from lower gravity objects ... Thus, the distant and cold Titan, Triton, and Pluto are able to retain their atmospheres despite relatively low gravities ... Interstellar planets, theoretically, may also retain thick atmospheres ...
Pope Alexander Of Alexandria - Biography - First Council of Nicaea
... Alexander, at his urging, to allow Meletius to retain his episcopal title, but not be able to exercise any episcopal powers ... Those Meletius had appointed could also retain their titles, but would only be elevated to the status of bishop on the death of one of the bishops ... that the Egyptian church would be allowed to retain its traditions regarding clerical celibacy ...
Soil Water (retention) - Soil Water Retention
... The soil’s ability to retain water is strongly related to particle size water molecules hold more tightly to the fine particles of a clay soil than to coarser ... The maximum amount of water that a given soil can retain is called field capacity, whereas a soil so dry that plants cannot liberate the remaining moisture from the soil particles is ...
RETAIN/370 - Remote Support
... announced, along with the corresponding RETAIN/370 system, IBM announced that the new family of computers would be equipped to permit remote ... programs were written to allow control via a remote connection to applications on the RETAIN system that could be controlled by IBM specialists ... It could connect at 600 bit/s to the RETAIN system to run diagnostics ...

More definitions of "retain":

  • (verb): Keep in one's mind.
    Example: "I cannot retain so much information"

Famous quotes containing the word retain:

    Lawyers are necessary in a community. Some of you ... take a different view; but as I am a member of that legal profession, or was at one time, and have only lost standing in it to become a politician, I still retain the pride of the profession. And I still insist that it is the law and the lawyer that make popular government under a written constitution and written statutes possible.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    Humility is the sure evidence of Christian virtues. Without it, we retain all our faults still, and they are only covered over with pride, which hides them from other men’s observation, and sometimes from our own too.
    François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1613–1680)

    That three times five is equal to the half of thirty, expresses a relation between these numbers. Propositions of this kind are discoverable by the mere operation of thought, without dependence on what is any where existent in the universe. Though there never were a circle or triangle in nature, the truths, demonstrated by Euclid, would for ever retain their certainty and evidence.
    David Hume (1711–1776)