What is refund?

  • (verb): Pay back.
    Example: "Please refund me my money"
    Synonyms: return, repay, give back
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Some articles on refund, refunds:

Windows Refund - License Refund Cases - Lenovo
... Lenovo states that it "does not provide refunds or credits for portions of a packaged offering provided at a single price or for preloaded programs installed by Lenovo" ... In accordance with the terms of the EULA he contacted Lenovo ČR for refund, and after some lengthy negotiations with representatives of Lenovo ČR's ... Later in the negotiations, Lenovo Brasil also suggested that the refund policy message should not have been displayed and therefore his operating system was ...
Jam Legend - Closure
... of VIP membership past May 27, 2011 may be eligible for a refund due to the closure ... To find out more and to see if they qualify for a refund, gamers could go to the refund section of the website, which however currently just links back to the homepage ...
Bottle Deposit
... It is a deposit-refund system ... by competition, introduce a refund for recycled containers ... And the refund policy may be less than just, e.g ...
Tax Refund Interception
... A tax refund interception is the act of an agency responsible for sending tax refunds using all or part of a refund to fulfill an obligation of the ... Some common obligations for which tax refunds are intercepted include outstanding taxes, student loans, child support, fines, restitution, and wage garnishments ... balance to a government-operated collection agency, most jurisdictions do not allow refunds to be intercepted to pay a private collection agency ...

More definitions of "refund":

  • (noun): Money returned to a payer.
  • (noun): The act of returning money received previously.
    Synonyms: repayment