What is projection?

  • (noun): Any structure that branches out from a central support.
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Smart Film - Application - Projection Screen
... smart film can be used as a switchable projection screen on a store window for advertising ... smart film is good for both front and rear projection and projected images can be viewed from both sides ...
Lambert Projection
... There are several projections used in maps carrying the name of Johann Heinrich Lambert Lambert cylindrical equal-area projection (preserves areas) Lambert azimuthal equal-area ...
Large-format Projection
... Mostly large-format projection (or large-image projection) is used for the use of large-format slide projectors or extremely powerful video projectors for producing still-standing ... video projector is combined to reach a kind of "picture in picture" projection to enable larger projections with a dynamic part inside ... But that is a speciality of projection artists which have a lot of detailed know how of the projection parameters ...
Multiview Orthographic Projection - Overview - Multiviews Without Rotation
... Orthographic multiview projection is derived from the principles of descriptive geometry and may produce an image of a specified, imaginary object as viewed from any direction of space ... Orthographic projection is distinguished by parallel projectors emanating from all points of the imaged object and which intersect a plane of projection at right angles ... obtaining various views by imagining an object to be stationary, and changing the direction of projection (viewing) in order to obtain the desired view ...
Projection - Other
... Projection (alchemy), process in Alchemy Projection areas, areas of the brain where sensory processing occurs Military power projection, the capacity of a state to implement policy by means of force, or the ... "Projections" (Voyager episode), an episode of the television series Star Trek Voyager A forecasting of future developments based on current statistics and trends ...

More definitions of "projection":

  • (noun): A planned undertaking.
    Synonyms: project
  • (noun): (psychiatry) a defense mechanism by which your own traits and emotions are attributed to someone else.
  • (noun): The projection of an image from a film onto a screen.
  • (noun): A prediction made by extrapolating from past observations.
  • (noun): The representation of a figure or solid on a plane as it would look from a particular direction.
  • (noun): Any solid convex shape that juts out from something.
  • (noun): The acoustic phenomenon that gives sound a penetrating quality.
    Example: "Our ukuleles have been designed to have superior sound and projection"; "a prime ingredient of public speaking is projection of the voice"
    Synonyms: acoustic projection, sound projection

Famous quotes containing the word projection:

    In the case of our main stock of well-worn predicates, I submit that the judgment of projectibility has derived from the habitual projection, rather than the habitual projection from the judgment of projectibility. The reason why only the right predicates happen so luckily to have become well entrenched is just that the well entrenched predicates have thereby become the right ones.
    Nelson Goodman (b. 1906)

    Those who speak of our culture as dead or dying have a quarrel with life, and I think they cannot understand its terms, but must endlessly repeat the projection of their own desires.
    Muriel Rukeyser (1913–1980)

    My image is a statement of the symbols of the harsh, impersonal products and brash materialistic objects on which America is built today. It is a projection of everything that can be bought and sold, the practical but impermanent symbols that sustain us.
    Andy Warhol (1928–1987)