What is primary winding?

  • (noun): Coil forming the part of an electrical circuit such that changing current in it induces a current in a neighboring circuit.
    Synonyms: primary coil, primary

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Toroidal Inductors And Transformers - Total B Field Confinement By Toroidal Inductors - Toroidal Transformer Poynting Vector Coupling From Primary To Secondary in The Presence of Total B F - Explanation of The Figure
... The transformer, its windings and all things are distributed symmetrically about the axis of symmetry ... The windings are such that there is no circumferential current ... The requirements are met for full internal confinement of the B field due to the primary current ...
Current Transformer - Design
... transformer, a current transformer has a primary winding, a magnetic core, and a secondary winding ... The alternating current flowing in the primary produces a magnetic field in the core, which then induces a current in the secondary winding circuit ... A primary objective of current transformer design is to ensure that the primary and secondary circuits are efficiently coupled, so that the secondary current bears an accurate ...
Ignition Coil - Basic Principles
... magnetic circuit - the iron core does not form a closed loop around the windings ... The primary winding has relatively few turns of heavy wire ... The secondary winding consists of thousands of turns of smaller wire, insulated for the high voltage by enamel on the wires and layers of oiled paper insulation ...
Definition of Leakage Inductance
... The magnetic flux linked to both the primary winding and the secondary winding is said to be the main flux, (φ12 or φ21) ... The magnetic flux which interlinks only with the primary winding, and does not interlink with the secondary winding, is said to be the primary leakage ... The magnetic flux which interlinks with the secondary winding, and does not interlink with the primary winding is said to be the secondary leakage flux, φσ2 ...

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