What is pournelle chart?

Pournelle Chart

The Pournelle chart, developed by Jerry Pournelle (in his 1963 political science Ph.D. dissertation), is a 2-dimensional coordinate system which can be used to distinguish political ideologies. It is similar to the Political compass and the Nolan Chart in that it is a two-dimensional chart, but the axes of the Pournelle chart are different from those of other systems.

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Pournelle Chart - Criticisms of The Model
... on the left-right scale, but near the bottom on the "rationality" scale (3/1', in Pournelle-style notation), because Burke believed that human society was not perfectible and was skeptical ... Since Pournelle himself has opinions not very different from those of Burke, it is clear that the term "irrational" is not intended as a pejorative ... Pournelle noted that the belief that all societal problems can be solved rationally may not itself be rational ...

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