What is poser?

  • (noun): A particularly difficult or baffling question or problem.
    Synonyms: stumper, toughie, sticker
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Poser is a 3D CGI rendering and animation computer program optimized for models that depict the human figure in three-dimensional form, mostly used to pose and animate the figures in a similar way as a mannequin. The program has gained popularity due to allowing beginners to produce basic animations and digital images, and the extensive availability of third-party digital models.

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Some articles on poser:

Poser, British Columbia
... Poser is a railway point of the Canadian National Railway west of McBride, British Columbia. ...
DAZ Studio - Overview
... It was created as a direct alternative to Poser by DAZ Productions, the company that (as Zygote) created the built-in content for earlier versions of Poser ... In comparison to Poser, DAZ Studio uses a different core business model ... Poser provides a large set of components, not all essential to the creation of imagery, in a commercially available program ...
Victoria (3D Figure)
1, the Millennium Woman, derived from the Zygote Poser 4 Nude Woman figure (popularly called 'Posette'), was released in February 1999 and was the ... to use, this allowed a user to keep figure sizes smaller as files in their personal poser library ... Software like Poser can still load her with some plugins or exporting from Daz, but will lacks enhancements not supported in Poser, like SUBD ...
East Germany At The 1972 Summer Olympics - Swimming
200m Freestyle Wilfried Härtung Heat — 156.95 (→ did not advance) Udo Poser Heat — 157.23 (→ did not advance) Peter Bruch Heat — 158.49 (→ did not ...
List Of Endangered Languages In North America - Canada
... of Endangered Languages bea Beaver language Bella Coola language Also Nuxalk language 20 (2002 Poser) 700 (1991 Kinkade) ... Ethnologue haa Han language Kutenai language Kutanaxa 6 in Canada (2002 Poser)Population total all countries 12 ... isocode Salish language Straits Salish language 20 in Canada (2002 Poser) 3,000 (1977 SIL) ...

More definitions of "poser":

  • (noun): A person who habitually pretends to be something he is not.
    Synonyms: poseur
  • (noun): A person who poses for a photographer or painter or sculptor.
    Synonyms: model