What is participant?

  • (noun): Someone who takes part in an activity.
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Methodology - The Stages of Change As A SMART Recovery Tool
... Recovery program, there are seven stages of change Precontemplation - At this stage, the participant may not realize that they have a problem ... Contemplation - The participant evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of the addiction by performing a cost/benefit analysis ... Determination/Preparation - The participant completes a Change Plan Worksheet ...
Story Environment
... is rich but only communicates in a visual static way Living - The environment speaks to the participant, a monologue, pushes story at the participant e.g ... Dynamic - The participant has a dialogue with the environment which responds to most things they do ... with strong back-stories and require the participant to improvise around a range character definitions with others who are also role playing ...
Anonymous Veto Network - Description
... All participants agree on a group with a generator of prime order in which the discrete logarithm problem is hard ... For a group of participants, the protocol executes in two rounds ... Round 1 each participant selects a random value and publishes the ephemeral public key together with a zero-knowledge proof for the proof of the exponent ...
Cognitive Interview - Memory Retrieval - Retrieval Rules
... Mental Reinstatement of Environmental and Personal Contexts The participant is asked to mentally revisit the to-be-remembered (TBR) event ... The participant is also asked to revisit their personal mental state during the event and then describe it in detail ... First, the participant may only initially report what information they assume to be important regardless of the fact that they are unaware of what ...

More definitions of "participant":

  • (noun): A person who participates in or is skilled at some game.
    Synonyms: player