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Techno-organic Virus
... A techno-organic virus (also known as T-O virus) is a fictional virus in the Marvel Comics universe ... The virus transforms organic material into techno-organic material ... Techno-organic material resembles both machinery and living tissue ...
Gasification - Chemical Reactions
... In a gasifier, the carbonaceous material undergoes several different processes The dehydration or drying process occurs at around 100°C ... on the properties of the carbonaceous material and determines the structure and composition of the char, which will then undergo gasification reactions ... Letting C represent a carbon-containing organic compound, the basic reaction here is The gasification process occurs as the char reacts with carbon and steam to produce carbon monoxide ...
Sewage Treatment Plants - Process Overview - Disinfection
... may also be capable of chlorinating organic material in the natural aquatic environment ... of chlorine in chlorinating residual organics in the wastewater and in chlorinating organics in the receiving water ... Ozone is very unstable and reactive and oxidizes most organic material it comes in contact with, thereby destroying many pathogenic microorganisms ...
Iron Bacteria - Habitat
... Groundwater containing dissolved organic material may be de-oxygenated by microorganisms feeding on that dissolved organic material ... Where concentrations of organic material exceed the concentration of dissolved oxygen required for complete oxidation, microbial populations with specialized enzymes can reduce insoluble ... drain fields, or leakage of light petroleum fuels like gasoline are other possible sources of organic materials allowing soil microbes to de-oxygenate groundwater ...
Shale Gas - Geology
... They are rich in organic material (0.5% to 25%), and are usually mature petroleum source rocks in the thermogenic gas window, where high heat and pressure have converted petroleum ... some in pore spaces, and some is adsorbed onto the organic material ... The gas in the fractures is produced immediately the gas adsorbed onto organic material is released as the formation pressure is drawn down by the well ...

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    ‘Pure experience’ is the name I gave to the immediate flux of life which furnishes the material to our later reflection with its conceptual categories.
    William James (1842–1910)

    The best thing about the sciences is their philosophical ingredient, like life for an organic body. If one dephilosophizes the sciences, what remains left? Earth, air, and water.
    Novalis [Friedrich Von Hardenberg] (1772–1801)