What is neighborhood?

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Red Mountain (Birmingham) - Neighborhood
... There are many neighborhoods that are located along the 33 miles of Red Mountain, that stretches from Sparks Gap on the southwest to Trussville in the northeast ... It became one of Birmingham's most prominent neighborhoods ... and science programs, is located in the neighborhood, as well as Saint Rose Academy, a Catholic parochial school run by Dominican sisters ...
Old North St. Louis
... Louis is a neighborhood just north and very slightly west of the downtown area of St ... The neighborhood now known as Old North St ... After many generations as a very densely populated neighborhood, Old North St ...
Franklin Avenue (Metro Transit Station) - Notable Places Nearby
... Seward neighborhood Phillips neighborhood Ventura Village neighborhood. ...
Ortega, Jacksonville, Florida - Neighborhood
... Many of the neighborhood children walk or ride bikes to school and the neighborhood is characterized by a very strong family-oriented environment ... Many of the neighborhood teenagers attend local or northern private schools or the International Baccalaureate at one of two "magnet" high schools nearby ... Huckins Yachts are also constructed across the Ortega River from the neighborhood ...

More definitions of "neighborhood":

  • (noun): The approximate amount of something (usually used prepositionally as in 'in the region of').
    Example: "The price is in the neighborhood of $100"
    Synonyms: region
  • (noun): People living near one another.
    Example: "It is a friendly neighborhood"; "my neighborhood voted for Bush"
    Synonyms: neighbourhood

Famous quotes containing the word neighborhood:

    To get time for civic work, for exercise, for neighborhood projects, reading or meditation, or just plain time to themselves, mothers need to hold out against the fairly recent but surprisingly entrenched myth that “good mothers” are constantly with their children. They will have to speak out at last about the demoralizing effect of spending day after day with small children, no matter how much they love them.
    —Wendy Coppedge Sanford. Ourselves and Our Children, by Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, introduction (1978)

    I do not like forced integration.... I do not like forced anything.... as a youngster I lived in a white neighborhood with a white neighbor next door. We would go to them, they would go to us. If they had anything, we had it. We lived just like one. We didn’t think about no integration.
    Ruby Middleton Forsythe (b. 1905)

    We are now a nation of people in daily contact with strangers. Thanks to mass transportation, school administrators and teachers often live many miles from the neighborhood schoolhouse. They are no longer in daily informal contact with parents, ministers, and other institution leaders . . . [and are] no longer a natural extension of parental authority.
    James P. Comer (20th century)