What is millennium?

  • (noun): A span of 1000 years.
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A millennium (plural millennia or millenniums) is a period of time equal to one thousand years. It derives from the Latin mille, thousand, and annus, year. It is often, but not necessarily, related to a particular dating system. A millennium is equivalent to one kiloannum (ka).

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Sight & Sound Millennium Theatre
... The Sight Sound Millennium Theatre is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the largest Christian live theatre in the United States, and one of the most ... operated by Sight Sound Theatres, based in the Millennium Theatre facility ... In addition to the Millennium Theatre, Sight Sound Theatres also operates a facility similar to the Millennium Theater in Branson, Missouri ...
Millennium Of Love
... "Millennium of Love" was the Irish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000, performed in English by Eamonn Toal ... song is a dramatic ballad, inspired by the coming of the new Millennium (arguments about the start of this period aside) ... system, the song was unkindly dubbed 'Millennium Of Cheese' by cynics in Ireland, who accused it of being yet another bland ballad with schmaltzy lyrics ...
Millennium Centre
... Millennium Centre or Millennium Center can refer to Millennium Center, a sports arena and business centre in Vršac, Serbia Millennium Centre (Chicago), a skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois ...
Debate Over Millennium Celebrations - Popular Culture
... Further of his essays on this topic are collected in Questioning the Millennium A Rationalist's Guide to a Precisely Arbitrary Countdown ... spoilsports in his short web-article Significant Events of the Millennium ... In an episode of the American television series, Seinfeld, titled "The Millennium", Jerry Seinfeld states, "Since there was no year zero, the millennium doesn't begin ...
Tourism In Ethiopia - Millennium Pageant Controversy
... surrounding a beauty pageant in celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium in 2007 ... the ministry obtained promotional services from a UK based company for the Ethiopian Millennium, but refused to pay after the event took place ...

More definitions of "millennium":

  • (noun): The 1000th anniversary (or the celebration of it).
  • (noun): (New Testament) in Revelations it is foretold that those faithful to Jesus will reign with Jesus over the earth for a thousand years; the meaning of these words have been much debated; some denominations (e.g. Jehovah's Witnesses) expect it to be a thousand years of justice and peace and happiness.

Famous quotes containing the word millennium:

    The millennium will not come as soon as women vote, but it will not come until they do vote.
    Anna Howard Shaw (1847–1919)

    At the end of one millennium and nine centuries of Christianity, it remains an unshakable assumption of the law in all Christian countries and of the moral judgment of Christians everywhere that if a man and a woman, entering a room together, close the door behind them, the man will come out sadder and the woman wiser.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)