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Softwell Maker - Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - Wizards Tools and Support
... There is a set of tools to support the development in the Softwell Maker platform ... of system objects – The Softwell Maker IDE automatically supports the latest copies of each object changed, restoration points of all software Project ... Registry of functions – The Maker API can be extended by this interface, enabling the development of applications that are of the native support of the Softwell Maker IDE to some kind of appeal that ...
S Auld - Body Stamps
... Beside stamps that are related to his patents as The Improved Call and Improve call maker Glasgow, earlier escargots-types of his the stamp Glasgow is curved, on later ones ... Auld had stamped many of his distributors as "Makers", such as 'J Christie Maker Glasgow', 'J McFarlane Maker Glasgow', 'J Reid Maker Glasgow', 'Burnley Maker Glasgow', 'Beech Maker', 'A ...

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  • (noun): A person who makes things.
    Synonyms: shaper

Famous quotes containing the word maker:

    But the lightning which explodes and fashions planets, maker of planets and suns, is in him. On one side elemental order, sandstone and granite, rock-ledges, peat-bog, forest, sea and shore; and on the other part, thought, the spirit which composes and decomposes nature,—here they are, side by side, god and devil, mind and matter, king and conspirator, belt and spasm, riding peacefully together in the eye and brain of every man.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    If I were a maker of books I should compile a register, with comments, of different deaths. He who should teach people to die, would teach them to live.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)

    The rich and the poor have this in common: the LORD is the maker of them all.
    Bible: Hebrew, Proverbs 22:2.