What is lettering?

  • (noun): Letters inscribed (especially words engraved or carved) on something.
    Synonyms: inscription

Some articles on lettering:

Technical Lettering - Freehand Lettering
... it is required to have practice of freehand lettering as it allows to represent ideas in a short time and in a more efficient manner ... Freehand lettering is as shown in the adjacent image.In freehand lettering, the two basic things are generally followed The letters to be drawn, though ... The GOTHIC is the most common lettering font used in freehand lettering ...
Stick Of Rock - Making Rock - Lettering
... Capital letters are the most common form of lettering as small case lettering is far more complicated, owing to their tails and high backs ...
Architectural Drawing - Drafting
... Lettering would either be done by hand, mechanically using a stencil, or a combination of the two ... of reliable technical drawing pens allowed for faster draughting and stencilled lettering ... Letraset dry transfer lettering and half-tone sheets were popular from the 1970s until computers made those processes obsolete ...
Technical Lettering - Dimensions of Letters
... The Nominal Size of lettering is defined by the height (h) of the outline contour of the upper-case (capital) ... mm The multiple of 1.414(square root of 2) is the range of heights for lettering is derived from the standardized progression of dimensions for paper sizes ... Lettering Angle-The lettering may be vertical (upright) or inclined (sloped) to the right at 75° from the horizontal ...
Abaddon (typeface)
... Abaddon is a typeface designed by Dave Nalle of Scriptorium Fonts, inspired by the poster lettering of Art Nouveau artist Alphons Mucha ... Abaddon has some characteristics of Gothic lettering, with pointed demi-serifs and extended, very pointy descenders ... featured in the logo of the band Godsmack, also similar lettering appears in the logo of the band Bullet For My Valentine as well as in the titles of the movie Necromancer ...

Famous quotes containing the word lettering:

    the grave,
    so humble, so willing to be beat upon
    with its awful lettering and
    the body lying underneath
    without an umbrella.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)