What is kabir?


Kabīr (also Kabīra) (Hindi: कबीर, Punjabi: ਕਬੀਰ, Urdu: کبير‎) (1440–1518) was a mystic poet and sant of India, whose writings have greatly influenced the Bhakti movement. The name Kabir comes from Arabic al-Kabīr which means 'The Great' – the 37th name of God in Islam.

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Kabir's Poetry Today
... There are several allusions to Kabir's poetry in mainstream Indian film music ... album Jhini is an energetic rendering of Kabir's famous poem "The intricately woven blanket", with influences from Indian folk, Sufi traditions and progressive rock ... Documentary filmmaker Shabnam Virmani, from the Kabir Project, has produced a series of documentaries and books tracing Kabir's philosophy, music and ...
Moestafa El Kabir
... Moestafa El Kabir (Arabic مصطفى الكبير‎ born 5 October 1988) is a Moroccan footballer who plays for Swedish Allsvenskan club BK Häcken as a forward ... El Kabir holds a Dutch passport ...
Social Reformers Of India - Kabir
... The name Kabir comes from Arabic al-Kabīr which means 'The Great' – the 37th name of God in Islam ... Kabir was influenced by the prevailing religious mood of his times, such as old Brahmanic Hinduism, Tantrism, the teachings of Nath yogis and the personal devotionalism of South India mixed with the imageless ... The influence of these various doctrines is clearly evident in Kabir's verses ...
Mullah Kabir
... Maulavi Mohammed Abdul Kabir is a senior member of the Taliban leadership ... reports that Kabir was born between 1958 and 1963, in Paktia, Afghanistan, and is from the Zardran tribe ... reports that Kabir is active in terrorist operations in Eastern Afghanistan ...
Moestafa El Kabir - Career - NEC
... El Kabir played for the first time in the main body of the Nijmegen team in preparation for the season 2008–2009 during two exhibition games ... he managed to score against the Spaniards El Kabir scored during a raid in turn the only hit Nijmegen ... On 8 February 2010, El Kabir was told he would not be playing any more matches for NEC, as result of disciplinary action ...

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    When a sparrow sips in the river, the water doesn’t recede. Giving charity does not deplete wealth. Saint Kabir says so.
    Punjabi proverb, trans. by Gurinder Singh Mann.