What is inscribe?

  • (verb): Draw within a figure so as to touch in as many places as possible.
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Some articles on inscribe:

Avinu Malkeinu
... such as Rosh Hashana (when it is said kotvenu - "inscribe us"), or the Ne'ila Yom Kippur service (chotmenu - "seal us"), or a lesser fast day (zokhrenu - "remember us") ... refer to various heavenly books include the word Kotveinu ("Inscribe us") ... (remember us) is recited in verses 19-23 in place of "Kotveinu B'Sefer" (inscribe us in the book) ...
Kepler–Bouwkamp Constant
... Inscribe a regular triangle in this circle ... Inscribe a circle in this triangle ... Inscribe a square in it ...
Ten Days Of Repentance - Observances - Changes and Additions in The Prayers
... His Name in love") "Remember us for life, King who delights in life and inscribe us in the book of life, for Your sake, living God" in the second (after "make salvation to grow") "Who is ...

More definitions of "inscribe":

  • (verb): Address, as a work of literature, in a style less formal than a dedication.
  • (verb): Mark with one's signature.
    Synonyms: autograph
  • (verb): Write, engrave, or print as a lasting record.
  • (verb): Carve, cut, or etch into a material or surface.
    Synonyms: engrave, grave

Famous quotes containing the word inscribe:

    The oaths of a woman I inscribe on water.
    Sophocles (497–406/5 B.C.)

    In a higher phase of communist society ... only then can the narrow horizon of bourgeois right be fully left behind and society inscribe on its banners: from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.
    Karl Marx (1818–1883)

    Gratefully accepting the proffered honor, [to inscribe a new legal work to him] I give the leave, begging only that the inscription may be in modest terms, not representing me as a man of great learning, or a very extraordinary one in any respect.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)