What is hijack?

  • (noun): Seizure of a vehicle in transit either to rob it or divert it to an alternate destination.
    Synonyms: highjack
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List Of Aircraft Hijackings - List of Notable Aircraft Hijackings - 2010s
... in Bulgarian airspace when, allegedly, an unsuccessful attempt was made to hijack it ... April 2011 an attempt was made to hijack Alitalia Flight 329, en route from Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, France to Fiumicino Airport, Rome and divert it to Tripoli. 29 June 2012 an attempt was made to hijack Tianjin Airlines Flight GS7554 from Hotan to Ürümqi ...
Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown - Kamen Rider Yuuki - Hijack Form
... Hijack Form (ハイジャックフォーム, Haijakku Fōmu?) is the form of Kamen Rider Yuuki that Shiro accesses on his own ... Hijack Form has a black and red color scheme, compared to Skull Form's black and gold color scheme, lacking the skull-theme, and gaining a mechanical-looking gauntlet ... Hijack Form also performs the Terminate Flash, but does so with his Savage Gasher (サヴェジガッシャー, Saveji Gasshā?) sword, in itself a 7-piece modified DenGasher ...
List Of Cuba – United States Aircraft Hijackings - 1960s - 1969
... January 2, 1969 Two Americans, a man and woman, hijack a DC-8 from New York to Cuba ... January 9 Ronald Bohle, a 21-year-old Purdue University student, hijacks a Boeing 727 from Miami to Cuba he returns via Canada on November 1, 1969, and is sentenced ... January 11 A man hijacks a 727 from Jacksonville, Florida to Cuba he returns via Canada on May 5, 1969 he is acquitted of air piracy and kidnapping on grounds of ...

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