What is heredity?

  • (noun): The total of inherited attributes.
    Synonyms: genetic endowment
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Heredity is the passing of traits to offspring (from its parent or ancestors. This is the process by which an offspring cell or organism acquires or becomes predisposed to the characteristics of its parent cell or organism. Through heredity, variations exhibited by individuals can accumulate and cause some species to evolve. The study of heredity in biology is called genetics, which includes the field of epigenetics.

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Some articles on heredity:

Types of Heredity - Dominant and Recessive Alleles
... The description of a mode of biological inheritance consists of three main categories 1 ... Number of involved loci Monogenetic (also called "simple") – one locus Oligogenetic – few loci Polygenetic – many loci 2 ...
Journal Of Heredity
... The Journal of Heredity (not to be confused with the journal Heredity) is a scientific journal concerned with heredity in a biological sense, i.e ... Association, both of which changed names in 1915 to the Journal of Heredity (volume 5) and the American Genetic Association ...
Eugenics Record Office
... United States was a center for eugenics and human heredity research in the first half of the twentieth century ... The Committee on Heredity of Deafmutism included Alexander Graham Bell ... Laughlin was on the Committee on Sterilization, and the Committee on the Heredity of the Feeble Minded included, among others, Henry Herbert Goddard ...
Heredity Commission
... The Heredity Commission was a eugenic advisory group to the government of the United States of America during the early 20th century ... investigate all proper means" of influencing heredity to "better the race" ...
Heredity (album)
... Heredity is a 1985 album by Rational Youth, now down to singer Tracy Howe with numerous studio musicians ... Heredity was produced by Howe together with former Klaatu member Dee Long ...

More definitions of "heredity":

  • (noun): The biological process whereby genetic factors are transmitted from one generation to the next.