What is guru?

  • (noun): A recognized leader in some field or of some movement.
    Example: "A guru of genomics"
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Guru (Devanagari गुरु) is a Sanskrit term for "teacher" or "master", especially in Indian religions. The Hindu guru-shishya tradition is the oral tradition or religious doctrine transmitted from teacher to student. In the United States, the meaning of "guru" has been used to cover anyone who acquires followers, especially by exploiting their naiveté, due to the inflationary use of the term in new religious movements.

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Some articles on guru:

Guru Gita
... The Guru Gita (Song of the Guru) is a Hindu scripture authored by the sage, Vyasa, it is also used as chanting ... Goddess Parvati, in which she asks him to teach her about the Guru ... Shiva answers her by describing the Guru principle, the proper ways of worshiping the Guru and the methods and benefits of repeating the Guru Gita ...
Gokarna Math - Guru System
... Gokarna Math follows a Guru system, wherein the head of the Math appoints a shishya, who succeeds the Guru ...
Guru - Western Perspective - Notable Scandals and Controversies
... The Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway by Aum Shinrikyo founded by the guru Shoko Asahara in Japan ...
First Battle Of Anandpur - Cause
... The increasing power of Guru Gobind Singh, and his establishment of a military order (Khalsa) alarmed the Rajas of the Sivalik hills ... After some failed attempts to check the Guru's power, the Rajas pleaded the Mughals to help them against the Guru ... generals Din Beg and Painda Khan, each with an army of five thousand men, to subdue the Guru ...
Hazur Sahib Nanded
... It is where the 10th guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji completed his last breath ... The structure is built at the place of death of Guru Gobind Singh ... The inner room of the gurdwara is called the Angitha Sahib and is built over the place where Guru Gobind Singh was cremated in 1708 ...

More definitions of "guru":

  • (noun): Each of the first ten leaders of the Sikh religion.
  • (noun): A Hindu or Buddhist religious leader and spiritual teacher.

Famous quotes containing the word guru:

    One does not become a guru by accident.
    James Fenton (b. 1949)