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Source Rock
... petroleum geology, source rock refers to rocks from which hydrocarbons have been generated or are capable of being generated ... regarded as an organic-rich but immature source rock from which little or no oil has been generated and expelled ...
Sideground IP
... Background IP" is generated before the R D collaboration, "foreground IP" is generated during the R D collaboration, "postground IP" is generated in a certain time span ...
Stallings Theorem About Ends Of Groups - Formal Statement of Stallings' Theorem
... Let G be a finitely generated group ... theory this result can be restated as follows For a finitely generated group G we have e(G) > 1 if and only if G admits a nontrivial (that is, without a global fixed vertex) action on a ... For the case where G is a torsion-free finitely generated group, Stallings' theorem implies that e(G) = ∞ if and only if G admits a proper free product decomposition G = A ...
Machining Vibrations - Industrial Context - Different Kinds of Problems and Their Sources
... of two types forced vibrations and self-generated vibrations ... Forced vibrations are mainly generated by interrupted cutting (inherent to milling), runout, or vibrations from outside the machine ... Self generated vibrations are related to the fact that the actual chip thickness depends also on the relative position between tool and workpiece during the previous tooth passage ...
Stallings Theorem About Ends Of Groups - Ends of Groups - Cuts and Almost Invariant Sets - Cuts and Splittings Over Finite Groups
... If G = H∗K where H and K are nontrivial finitely generated groups then the Cayley graph of G has at least one essential cut and hence e(G) > 1 ... A more precise version of this argument shows that for a finitely generated group G If G = H∗CK is a free product with amalgamation where C is a finite ... an HNN-extension where C1, C2 are isomorphic finite subgroups of H then G is a finitely generated group and e(G) > 1 ...

Famous quotes containing the word generated:

    Here [in London, history] ... seemed the very fabric of things, as if the city were a single growth of stone and brick, uncounted strata of message and meaning, age upon age, generated over the centuries to the dictates of some now all-but-unreadable DNA of commerce and empire.
    William Gibson (b. 1948)

    It is precisely the purpose of the public opinion generated by the press to make the public incapable of judging, to insinuate into it the attitude of someone irresponsible, uninformed.
    Walter Benjamin (1892–1940)