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No. 14 Squadron SLAF
14 Squadron is a training squadron of the Sri Lanka Air Force ... It operated the Hongdu JL-8 from SLAF China Bay for advanced flying training ... The training at the squadron can be divided in to two sections ...
Central Flying School RAAF - History - World War II
... RAAF flying training was heavily reorganised soon after the outbreak of World War II in response to Australia's participation in the Empire Air Training Scheme (EATS) ... Elementary Flying Training Schools were formed, to provide basic flight instruction to cadets, while more advanced pilot instruction was to take place at Service Flying ... The most pressing need, however, was for flying instructors the RAAF had only sixteen, and at least 1,000 were needed to meet Australia's obligations under EATS ...
Chennault Air Force Base - History - Origins
... government to build the Lake Charles Army Flying School, an advanced flying school for single-engine fighter pilots ... The airfield was assigned to the Army Air Corps Training Command, Gulf Coast Training Center ... to Lake Charles AAF on 10 February 1942, being redesignated as the 481st Single Engine Flying Training Squadron (Advanced) on 28 October, used the North American AT-6 Texan ...
Marlboro County Jetport - History
... Began training United States Army Air Corps flying cadets under contract to Georgia Air Service, Inc Southeastern Air Service, Inc ... under 53d Army Air Forces Flying Training Detachment (later 2152d Army Air Force Base Unit) ... Assigned to United States Army Air Forces East Coast Training Center (later Eastern Flying Training Command) as a primary (level 1) pilot training airfield ...
Stuttgart Municipal Airport - History
... by the United States Army Air Forces and was used as an advanced twin engine aircraft training school during World War II ... Stuttgart AAF was administered by the 426th Base Headquarters Air Base Squadron and flying training was conducted by the 34th Two Engine Flying Training Group and the 891st through 896th Two ...

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    When a man goes through six years’ training to be a doctor he will never be the same. He knows too much.
    Enid Bagnold (1889–1981)

    What the hell is nostalgia doing in a science-fiction film? With the whole universe and all the future to play in, Lucas took his marvelous toys and crawled under the fringed cloth on the parlor table, back into a nice safe hideyhole, along with Flash Gordon and the Cowardly Lion and Luck Skywalker and the Flying Aces and the Hitler Jugend. If there’s a message there, I don’t think I want to hear it.
    Ursula K. Le Guin (b. 1929)