What is fare?

  • (noun): A paying (taxi) passenger.
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Some articles on fare, fares:

Columbia Transit - Fare Structure - FASTPass Electronic Fare Cards
... 30-day unlimited (full-fare/half-fare) $55.00/$25.00 25-ride pass (full-fare/half-fare) $30.00/$15.00 Student Semester Pass(with valid student ID)$100 ...
Suffolk County Transit - Fare
... The current Suffolk County Transit base fare for most one-way local bus travel is $2.00 ... For seniors and the disabled, the base fare is $0.75 personal care attendants (PCA) may ride for free when traveling with seniors or the disabled ... with school-issued identification pay a reduced fare of $1.25 ...
Standard Fare
... In Ireland, a standard fare is issued to a passenger on Dublin Bus and Luas services who fails to present a valid ticket on request ... It is similar to penalty fares as issued in the UK ... A standard fare on Dublin Bus is €50 ...
Select Bus Service - Fare and Payment
... The fare for SBS is the same as on all New York City Transit local and limited-stop buses, $2.50, payable with a MetroCard or coins ... On all other SBS services, unlike other bus lines in New York City, fare collection for SBS works via a proof-of-payment system ... Customers must pay their fare before boarding the bus at pay stations located in bus shelters at the designated stops (for customers using UniTicket, the UniTicket is valid for boarding) ...
Metro West Regional Transit Authority - Buses - Fares
... Fare costs are as follows MWRTA Bus Fare Costs Age Group Single Single with CharlieCard Woodland Woodland with CharlieCard Ten-Ride Pass Adults $1.50 $1.10 $3.00 $2.20 $11.00 Students with ID ... In November 2010, the MWRTA started accepting fares electronically via the MBTA CharlieCard ... Stored Value CharlieCard users are offered a discounted local fare of $1.10 (or a Woodland fare of $2.20) ...

More definitions of "fare":

  • (verb): Eat well.
  • (noun): An agenda of things to do.
    Synonyms: menu
  • (noun): The food and drink that are regularly consumed.
  • (noun): The sum charged for riding in a public conveyance.
    Synonyms: transportation

Famous quotes containing the word fare:

    Let those talk of poverty and hard times who will in the towns and cities; cannot the emigrant who can pay his fare to New York or Boston pay five dollars more to get here ... and be as rich as he pleases, where land virtually costs nothing, and houses only the labor of building, and he may begin life as Adam did? If he will still remember the distinction of poor and rich, let him bespeak him a narrower house forthwith.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Well, fare thee well. I have known thee these twenty-nine
    years, come peascod-time, but an honester and truer-hearted
    man—well, fare thee well.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    No one can fare well for a thousand days, as no flower stays red for a hundred.
    Chinese proverb.