What is ensure?

  • (verb): Make certain of.
    Example: "This nest egg will ensure a nice retirement for us"
    Synonyms: guarantee, insure, assure, secure
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Ensure is the brand name of liquid nutritional supplements manufactured by Abbott Laboratories.

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Construction (Design And Management) - Duty Holders - Workers
... The CDM2007 places legal duties on workers to ensure they carry out the work as safely as possible and that they do not endanger the visitors/ members of the public ... They must Ensure they only carry out construction work they are competent to do Report obvious risks and hazards to the contractor Co-operate with others and co-ordinate work so as to ...
Standards Australia - Standards Documents
... documents setting out specifications and procedures designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently perform the ... are based on sound industrial, scientific and consumer experience and are constantly reviewed to ensure they keep pace with new technologies ... Before finalisation, every standard is subject to public comment to ensure everyone with an interest in the subject has the opportunity to input ...
... Ensure is the brand name of liquid nutritional supplements manufactured by Abbott Laboratories ... First produced in 1973 as a medical nutrition product, Ensure beverages are formulated to provide calories, protein and essential vitamins and minerals ... Ensure is intended for supplemental use with or between meals and for interim sole-source nutrition ...
Transvaal Agricultural Union - Principles
... Ensure economic growth within the agricultural sector ... Ensure the safety of South African Farmers ... Ensure the food-security of South Africa ...
California Department Of Food And Agriculture - Goals
... mission is "to help the Governor and Legislature ensure delivery of safe food and fiber through responsible environmental stewardship in a fair marketplace for all Californians." CDFA ... Ensure an equitable and orderly marketplace for California's agricultural products ...

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Famous quotes containing the word ensure:

    This type of man who is devoted to the study of wisdom is always most unlucky in everything, and particularly when it comes to procreating children; I imagine this is because Nature wants to ensure that the evils of wisdom shall not spread further throughout mankind.
    Desiderius Erasmus (c. 1466–1536)

    It is Mortifying to suppose it possible that a people able and zealous to contend with the Enemy should be reduced to fold their Arms for want of the means of defence; yet no resources that we know of, ensure us against this event.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

    [17th-century] Puritans were the first modern parents. Like many of us, they looked on their treatment of children as a test of their own self-control. Their goal was not to simply to ensure the child’s duty to the family, but to help him or her make personal, individual commitments. They were the first authors to state that children must obey God rather than parents, in case of a clear conflict.
    C. John Sommerville (20th century)